Jay-Z and Beyonce Break up Rumors Squashed and How much they Earn Per Show Revealed!

I haven’t weighed in yet on the rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce are headed for splitsville.  Mostly because I don’t believe it’s entirely true.  Yes, the elevator incident was a big deal and very intriguing but that doesn’t mean that the marriage is over it just means they all had a bad night…and it was captured on camera.

All the mucky-muck about Beyonce getting the wedding tattoo removed was all garbage.  It even had Perez Hilton flip-flopping on his blog.  All indications are that the rings are still there – even the photos that Beyonce posts on her own Instagram! [more…]



The New York Post has been throwing fuel on the rumored break up in an almost irresponsible way.  The Chicago Sun-Times is doing what you would expect Brooklyn born Jay-Z’s home town newspaper to do; support the couple.  During the “On the Run” Tour’s Chicago stop they hit the popular Chicago eatery Cut.  Cut has a private dining area, where celebrities often eat as you can imagine. Writer Michael Sneed who has sources everywhere (probably an employee of the restaurant in this case) got the details of the couple’s interaction whiling dining.  What the source described was an intimate loving evening with a man, his wife and his daughter; contrary to a couple under constant marital crisis and traveling separately. The source says,

“Jay-Z even held the baby 75 percent of the time, and he definitely was into his family and not his cellphone. All signs looked like they were a pretty happy couple . . . and definitely a couple,” the source added. “But the clincher was they even shared a glass of wine together!

“Believe me, couples who are unhappily married don’t do that!”

“And I might add . . . they arrived sitting in a car together, not apart, And walked side-by-side together when heading to their car.”


The two were at the same restaurant before their split and it was exactly as you would expect. They were cold and distant and ended up arguing on the deck of the restaurant.  There was nothing like that going on with Jay and Bey.


That’s right.  You read that number correctly.  The couple is getting paid $84 million dollars for their 21 stadium tour.  That is 100% guaranteed.  It doesn’t matter if tickets in a venue sell or not, they still get P-A-I-D.  That roughly boils down to $4 Million per show.  The entire tour is expected to bring in over $100 million so that’s a tidy profit for investors.  All the break up rumors are just free publicity.

And if you think they are breaking up….how bout a few pics from B’s instagram: