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Remy Ma, Why she was never Released, Why she was locked up in the first place! (video)

The whole world was waiting for Remy Ma to be released from prison yesterday.  Ok, maybe not the whole world, how about the whole Hip Hop world?  Is that better?  Or how about everyone tired of these whack ass, female (and male) rappers and just wants some bars and hooks!

Welcome Home Remy….NOT!


Remy is being held at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and according to a public information officer her release has been delayed because of some type of phone violation.  Linda Foglia told MTV News,

“Remy Smith’s tentative release date of July 31 was postponed due to a misbehavior report involving a July 21 incident for phone violations, particularly third party calling,” [more…]


Basically in prison you have to get your phone numbers cleared.  This is a pain in the ass because you don’t have your possessions and most of your numbers are stored in your cell phone.  Typically. you will get someone to send you all the numbers from your phone in a letter ASAP.  You will also need addresses as well because these numbers will be checked.  Sometime the numbers are actually called to make sure these people don’t mind getting a call from you.

Once the numbers are cleared, they are assigned to your PIN.  You will use this PIN to make all your calls.  This has two benefits, one for you and one for the penal system.  It allows you to put money on your PIN to make calls and it protects you from getting stuck for your PIN number by other inmates because they can only dial the numbers assigned to their PIN not yours.

This system is basically put in place to prevent bullying witnesses or contacting victims or any other shenanigans you might want to pull while locked up.


If you call one of these people on your approved list, and they three-way another person, this is “third party calling” and that’s what Remy is being charge with doing.  Oddly enough, on July 21st she had an interview with Angie Martinez at  her new show on Power 105, which leads to the conclusion that his caused the violation.




That is a good question.  The incident happened in 2007 when someone that Remy Ma thought robbed her of $3000 was shot.  This all happened at 4:00 AM outside of the Pizza Bar, a popular hangout spot in Manhattan.  The victim, Makeda Barnes-Joseph was shot in the torso and identified Remy as the shooter.

Remy asked Makeda to hold her purse, and when she took it back $3G’s were missing. Remy got in her Escalade and pulled it up to Makeda, jumped out her SUV and into Makeda’s Maxima, pulled out a cocked .45 and tried to grab Makeda’s purse to look for her money.  She was serious.

During the tug of war over the purse, Makeda was shot.


That was the story that Remy’s lawyer tried to tell.  He basically claimed that she was actually the victim in all of this.  A ballistics expert said that the trigger was pulled out of reflex, not intention.  The defense even offered up that fact that

police officers are trained to hold their index finger along the barrel of a gun, rather than on the trigger, to avoid such accidental shootings during moments of stress.


The judge basically threw the book at Remy.  She was charged with two counts of first-degree assault, attempted coercion and criminal possession of a weapon.  She basically got the 8 years because of her actions after the gun fired.  After the bullet popped Makeda, Remy continued to go through her purse to look for her money (which was never recovered, then jumped in a vehicle and fled the scene while Makeda was left bleeding in the front seat.


There has been no re-release date provided for Remy so everyone is still waiting for a new date, just as we are.  You know I will keep you posted.  In the meantime here is the interview with Angie Martinez that might have gotten her a few more days locked up.  I hope they at least paid her for it.