Justin Bieber Is Under Investigation AGAIN! Find Out Why He’s In Trouble This Time…

Justin Bieber is under investigation yet again, and this time he’s being investigated for attempted robbery. When we first heard this report, we thought someone finally caught the little twerp trying to steal a box of Sour Patch Kids.

However, that’s not what happened. According to the report, Bieber and Selena Gomez were having some fun at Dave & Buster’s Monday night when a fan decided to take out his cellphone and take photos. The 20-year-old singer didn’t appreciate this invasion of privacy, so he lunged at the fan and tried to take his cellphone.

Justin’s security team managed to hold the pop star back, which saved him from making any contact with the obsessed fan. Police were called, but Bieber and Gomez got out of there before the cops arrived. TMZ talked with law enforcement sources, and they say the fan is looking to press charges.


Police are now investigating Bieber for possible attempted robbery, attempted battery and attempted theft. Unless there is more to the story, it’s hard to imagine Justin being charged with anything; however, he should be more careful. He’s still on probation for egging his neighbor’s house, so any slip up could put his butt in jail.

We’ll keep you updated.