Must Watch: ‘Friends’ Reunion On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Is Bringing Back So Many Memories!

Can you believe it was 20 years ago when ‘Friends‘ first hit our television screens? The 20th anniversary official begins next month. The first episode aired on September 22, 1994. The show went off air back in 2004, but it is still attracting new viewers, thanks to the number of stations airing reruns.

Jimmy Kimmel decided to surprise fans of the show with a special Friends reunion on his show. He even brought in an exact replica of Monica’s famous kitchen. So, how did this sitcom reunion start? It all started when Jimmy Kimmel got Jennifer Aniston to agree to act out some fan fiction he wrote.

Jennifer Aniston played her character, Rachel, and Jimmy Kimmel stepped in to play the character of Ross. Watch the video down below to see which “Friends” joined Jennifer and Jimmy for the surprise reunion.


Adorable, right? It was great seeing Rachel, Phoebe and Monica back together, even if they had to act like they hated it. And by the way, Jennifer Aniston was just acting, folks. One look at the YouTube comments, and you can see people just didn’t get it.

“Why was Jennifer pissed as hell?”

“This was so cool! Why did Aniston have to be all annoyed at everything.”

“Well this absolutely ruined Friends for me, could Jennifer Aniston not even be remotely happy to see Courtney and Lisa again, they seemed into it, and having a laugh and Jennifer just seemed really pissed off, did she think she was having an interview with the president?! This is the Jimmy Kimmel show, its supposed to be a laugh, if you’re going to be pissed off and moody just don’t go on the show!”

“Jennifer seems like a very stuck unfun person, I can understand why Brad left her.”

Those are actual comments from YouTube. There are many more, but I decided to stop reading them before my head exploded. This is why we can’t have nice things.