Nick Cannon rages on twitter about false rumors regarding his Marriage. We have all the tweets!

After about three weeks of marriage break up rumors, Nick Cannon jumps on social media and tries to set the record straight. The keyword here is “tries”.

Before we get into the land of tweets from Nick, it appears that Nick offered to try and reconcile with Mariah, but the comments that he made to the press has angered Mariah so much that she is done. E! reports,

“Nick recently asked if she wanted to bring in a marriage counselor” to help them with their issues but Carey is still upset about Cannon’s comments to the press regarding their troubles. “She won’t be caught off-guard again,” the source dished. “She was devastated when he spoke out about their issues. She’s started the proceedings to make sure the ball is in her court from now on.”

Granted, this is just an E! report from “sources” but it would explain why Nick is trying to clean things up with the media. Hmmmm….
Here we have all of Nick’s tweets in order…just for you. [more…]

Nick definitely handles things different then Jay-Z who has been super-silent regarding his relationship.  I don’t think we will ever see a Jay-Z twitter rant.  Personally I’m pulling for Nick and Mariah.  Not just for “Dem Babies” but for the tattoo artist who will have to cover up Nick’s back.



Yes…that thing is real.



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