Wendy Williams Kicks off her Sixth Season Literally Eating Crow about Comments made about Kim and Kanye! (Video)

The new TV Season has begun and Wendy Williams has started it off eating crow. Literally. The Talk Show Diva is keeping her word. Last year when she found out that Kim and Kanye were engaged, the first thing she said was that she’d eat crow if their marriage lasted longer than the 72 day mark previously set by Kim and Kris Humphries.

In fact she talked a lot of Smack during that episode…in case you don’t remember. [more…]

She was right about one thing during that segment, Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t show up at their wedding.

Fast forward to today, Wendy started the segment off by telling her audience,

“I told you if it did, I’d eat crow, That’s an expression we use, not something you’re supposed to actually do.”

Well, Wendy is a woman of her word.

In order to eat the crow, Wendy had a professional chef cook it up in a gumbo. She brought in gourmet chef Kevin Burrows, who slow cooked the crow for 4 hours and added in a ton of flavors and seasonings including bacon!

Wendy's Crow

When Chef Burrows puts the plate in front of Wendy, before she takes her first bite, she says,

You can tell I’m a fatty, my mouth is watering over this.

Watch Wendy Eat the Crow – That face when she’s chewing – ->Priceless.

After she eats it she says,

“Just because they’re still married doesn’t mean they’re happy.”

…but I haven’t heard her making anymore predictions.