Is Cher A Racist? New Lawsuit Claims She Only Allowed A Certain Amount Of Black People On Stage

Like much of the West Coast, Cher is facing some serious heat this week. TMZ got their hands on a new lawsuit filed by her former choreographer, Kevin Wilson. According to the suit, Wilson was helping Cher pick dancers for her extremely successful “Dressed to Kill” tour, which kicked off in Arizona back in March.

Wilson claims he really liked a “minority female dancer” and pointed her out to Cher; however, the 68-year-old singer allegedly told him, “We have too much color on stage.”

She then demanded that he find a white, blonde dancer. According to Wilson, she also told him “not to cast anymore dark skinned black dancers on the tour.” And while that alone sounds bad enough, the story gets even more interesting.


The lawsuit claims something strange happened in early June during the tour stop in Louisville. A male dancer allegedly invited a female fan to his hotel room and tried to take advantage of her sexually. According to the court documents, Cher tried to cover it all up. She let the male dancer stay on the tour, and fired three people for being snitches, including Kevin Wilson.

When Wilson was fired, he was told budget cuts was the reason. But he doesn’t believe that because the tour has been successful, reportedly taking in over $50 million. Wilson is claiming racial discrimination and retaliation.

We should note that Cher’s rep vehemently denies these allegations. The rep sent out the following statement…

“These are ridiculous allegations. They couldn’t be further from the truth. To attribute such a statement to Cher is absurd.”

We’ll have to wait and see how things play out. This Wilson dude could be telling the truth, or he could just be seeking revenge because he got fired.