Cat Fight: Comedy Legend Insults Taylor Swift’s Cat, Watch How T-Swift Reacted In Hilarious Video

What is the only thing more dangerous than breaking up with Taylor Swift? Insulting one of her cats. Comedy legend John Cleese is lucky Taylor Swift let him walk out of the Graham Norton Show alive.

The 74-year-old star was sitting on the same couch as Taylor Swift when he decided to roast Swift’s new cat, Olivia Benson. Yes, Taylor Swift named her cat after a fictional character on Law & Order: SVU. I am still trying to determine if that’s the greatest or saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, Swift’s new cat is a white-haired Scottish Fold. Thanks to a genetic mutation, the cartilage of their ears appear folded. Mr. Cleese was not a fan of this look, and he asked Taylor Swift if her cat had an accident. “What? What accident” Taylor Swift responded, appearing to be genuinely confused.

“Is that a proper cat? Or is it damaged? That’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen in my life.” He replied. Taylor Swift looked shocked. She was about to respond, but Graham Norton stepped in and called John Cleese out, “John Cleese! You CANNOT say that is the weirdest cat you’ve ever seen in your life!”

He then put up a picture of Cleese’s wife struggling to hold up their own monstrous-looking cat. Check out the hilarious video down below.

I have to say, I am on Taylor Swift’s side in this battle, and I am not just saying that because her legs look absolutely incredible. I actually think her cat looks pretty badass.