Watch As ‘Nightcrawler’ Star Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Scared On The Ellen Show!

You would think it would take a lot to scare Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s found a home with “dark, thriller” movies. Not only has he found a home with them, he’s the freaking man of the house. And the man of the house is supposed to protect everyone inside the house, you know? Grab the baseball bat when there is a noise in the kitchen.

But after seeing this video down below, we’re not so sure you can count on Gyllenhaal to keep you safe. He went on Ellen this week to promote his latest film, Nightcrawler, and during the interview Ellen scared the f–k out of him. Literally. He said f–k.

Check out the hilarious clip down below…

Ellen set that up perfectly with that question. He was really trying to give a thoughtful response, and then this frightening creature pops out and scares the heck out of him.

I will give Gyllenhaal some credit for playing it off well. Asking if the thing had been in the box since the last time he appeared on the show, which was around Christmas time last year.