Are You Ready To Hate Justin Bieber Even More? Check Out His Lavish Christmas Gift!


The good news? Christmas is over. The bad news? Justin Bieber totally got a better gift than you did. The 20-year-old singer posted the photos you see down below to his Instagram account yesterday. He captioned the photos, “New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful.”

As you can see in the second photo, this private jet has everything the rich douchebag in your life could want. Leather seats, gold pillows, glossy black walls. It’s basically a flying five-star hotel.

Justin Bieber selfie in new plane

Inside of Justin Bieber's new plane

We’re not sure if he treated himself with this gift, or if his family and friends came together to surprise him. It’s probably safe to assume he bought the thing himself. I mean, who else would have that much money? And how would you surprise someone with a freakin’ jet?

Mom: Justin! Justin! Come outside…hurry!

Justin walks outside slowly, because no one tells Justin want to do. Not even his mother.

Justin: What is it? I don’t see anything.

Mom: Look up at the sky!

Justin: Yeah? So what? It’s a plane.


Justin: But Mom! You know I already have two of those. I told you all I wanted for Christmas was Selena Gomez. This sucks. Make me some waffles, bitch. Homemade waffles. Justin doesn’t eat that frozen sh-t.

That seems pretty accurate, right? At least that’s how I imagine it. Anyway, hopefully everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Justin Bieber may have received a better gift than you, but those socks Grandma bought you will definitely keep your feet warm this winter.