What In The World Happened To Farrah Abraham’s Face? (PHOTOS)


Life has been a roller coaster ride for Farrah Abraham lately. We have seen her breasts increase from a size C to a size D. We saw her fame increase after she made a porn video with James Deen, and we have watched her common sense steadily decline ever since.

But the 23-year-old Teen Mom star is ready to get big again. Literally. She was apparently trying a new procedure, where the doctor places an implant inside your lip. Farrah claims she did her research and decided it would be a safe procedure; however, as you can from the hilarious photos, things didn’t exactly go as planned.


She believes that she had a major allergic reaction to the anesthetic the doctor injected her with. In addition to uploading a few photos of the unfortunate incident, Farrah also showed off her sense of humor (yes, she apparently does have one) by tweeting out the image down below.


Of course, the great internet trolls couldn’t let her have all the fun. We noticed the photo you see down below being shared online, and we believe this is probably a more accurate comparison.