Hate Taylor Swift? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Adore Her

Ever since Taylor Swift released the smash hit, ‘Shake It Off’, her millions of fans have simply been shaking those haters off. But maybe it’s time we address those haters. Shaking them off is fun, but you know what is more satisfying? Converting. Why do you think those religious folks come knocking on your door once a month?

I know what you’re thinking, “But wait! Don’t most people hate those religious people who bother you at home?” And the answer is yes!

However, they are trying to sell you something you don’t need! You know what every single person on the planet needs? Taylor Swift. They just don’t know it, and it’s our job to inform them.

Here are five reasons why everyone should adore Taylor Swift.


No. 5 – Swiftmas 2014

Christmas? No, no, no. Last year it was the Swiftmas event that had everyone talking. Not only did Taylor Swift surprise several of her fans with gifts last holiday season, but she also hand-picked the items herself. Stalking their social media pages to find out their interests. She even wrapped the presents herself! I don’t even wrap presents for my own family! I just shove them inside plastic bags from various supermarkets and call it a day.




No. 4 – Public Dance Sessions

Taylor Swift is great at a lot of things, but dancing is not one of them. Honestly, the two GIFs you see above don’t accurately display how terrible her dancing truly is. But you know what? She doesn’t let that stop her from having a good time, and that’s one of the most admirable things about this woman.

She has been bullied. She knows what it feels like to hide out in the corner. Not anymore though, T-Swift is tired of letting rude people control her life. If she wants to dance, then she is going to dance! And this is an important lesson to learn in life. I guarantee you she is happier than the person standing to the side, watching her and thinking, “Ugh, she is going to regret this tomorrow morning.”

No, she’s not. You are going to regret not joining her.


No. 3 – She Answers The Important Questions

There is a decent chance you’ve seen this GIF before. If you’re like me, you were probably wondering what the f–k she was doing. Most celebrities would ignore the inquiries and pretend like it never happened.

However, this is Taylor Swift we are talking about here! She actually responded by posting the GIF on her Tumblr blog, with the caption, “It’s cold out here, maybe this heat lamp will help. I think I’ll put my hand up and just–NO IT DIDNT HELP IT JUST BURNED MY HAND WHY DID I DO THAT.”



No 2. Most Charitable Celeb

This shouldn’t surprise you. Swift was number one on the list of Most Charitable Celebs for 2014. DoSomething.org crowned the 25-year-old with the title after she showed her support for several important causes. She’s actually been voted number one for the past three years now.

I understand giving to charity is not a competition, but I think this proves that her heart has always been in the right place.




No. 1 – She Truly Cares About Her Fans!

Most celebrities claim they really care about their fans, but 95% of them don’t give a f–k. They act like they are better than us regular folk who still can’t afford name-brand cereal. But Taylor Swift actually has a connection with her fans, and she doesn’t treat them like fans. She treats them like close friends.

This is proven in the conversation you see above. When Kasey Andrew asked Taylor Swift for relationship advice on Tumblr, she never thought the singer would actually reply.

But she did. In a big way. Not only did she send her the messages you above, but she also made her a break up/moving on playlist, which included songs like, Stay Away and Begin Again.