American Idol Champ Kelly Clarkson Claims No One Wants To Work With Her

Poor Kelly Clarkson. She is one of the most successful American Idol winners, and she is still one of the biggest names in music, but her impressive resume is not helping the 32-year-old find collaborators.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Clarkson claimed no one wanted to work with her on the new album, Piece by Piece. She asked several great artists to join her album, but almost everyone declined her offer.

I honestly would collaborate with a lot of people, but everyone usually says no. I’m not kidding you. I have legitimately asked several people that I’m not going to call out.

So, what is the problem? It obviously has nothing to do with the quality product she is putting out there. She’s had a number of big hits, and her voice is one of the best in the business. However, some people believe her constant criticism of people in the music industry has scared some people away.

I ask good people. I don’t want to sing with crap people, so I mean, I ask people who are great vocalists, but I’m not going to point out anyone. I have asked several people … Sometimes I feel like I have the plague, or leprosy, they’re like, ‘If you get too close …’

But before you starting feeling too bad for Kelly, we should probably tell you that she did convince one incredible musician to work with her.

I got John Legend to say yes, and he’s cool. I can get country artists to sing with me and John Legend! I’m gonna keep John Legend. He’s super credible and talented. I feel very good about myself with that one.

She may have been fishing for a long time, but she certainly reeled in one of the hottest players in the game right now. You can check out her new album next week. March 3, 2015, is the official release date here in the states.