Must Watch: Christina Aguilera’s Britney Spears Impression Is Making Us Question Everything!

Jimmy Fallon has found gold with his, ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions‘ game, especially with the judges of The Voice. A few months ago, Adam Levine shocked everyone with his Michael Jackson impression.

But honestly, Christina Aguilera just made all of his impressions look like sh-t. She stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday and she killed it during the musical impressions game. We are not exactly sure what she killed, but she definitely killed something. Someone watching the show last night probably died from shock after hearing her Britney Spears impression.

Yeah, we all know these things aren’t “random” like Fallon claims. We are sure they go over things before the show. Asking the celebrities what their best impressions are, but still, this video is great.

Check it out down below. Xtina breaking out ‘This Little Piggy‘ as Britney Spears. Her Cher impression is also incredible.

Damn. She does Britney better than Britney does Britney! Did that make sense? I don’t know. This video is still messing with my head. I’m not sure about anything anymore. I am slowly turning into Jaden Smith.

Is the moon even really there? Or is it just…there?