Must Watch Clip: Emmy Rossum Explains What Happened When She Welcomed Justin Bieber To Her Neighborhood


I have probably said it before, but let me say it again. I have a severe crush on Emmy Rossum. There is a storm going on inside me, large hail, high winds. It’s intense, and I urge everyone to seek shelter until the storm passes.

Now that you have been warned, let’s get to this hilarious clip below. The beautiful and talented Emmy Rossum was on ‘Sway in the Morning‘ earlier this week, and during her interview, she talked about her new neighbor Justin Bieber. Apparently, she went out of her way to welcome the Biebs to her neighborhood last month.

And as you might expect, things didn’t exactly go as planned. Watch her describe the hilarious moment in the clip below…

Ah, that’s so wonderful. Mainly because that’s exactly how I imagine Justin Bieber. Just completely unaware of his surroundings, and unwilling to turn off his personal soundtrack unless some 18-year-old Instagram model smothers his face with her overworked ass.

There was some bad news in that short clip, though. Finding out Emmy Rossum isn’t single was pretty disappointing. My chances of dating her went from zero to zero.