Ex NFL Pro Gets 9 Years For Sexual Assault


Darren Sharper has accepted a plea deal, where he will serve only 8 years for sexually assaulting two women. The sentence was passed down immediately after Shaper pled guilty to charges of drugging and assaulting two women in Phoenix in 2013.

The former safety for the New Orleans Saints has been jailed in Los Angeles since February 2014, after he pled not guilty to the same crime there. He was appearing for his Phoenix court date via teleconference, as it’s expected that he’ll be changing his Los Angeles plea to guilty.

But it isn’t over yet. Sharper also has to face charges in Las Vegas and New Orleans, again for drugging and sexually assaulting women. While his plea deal is for an 8-year federal sentence, he will be eligible for parole after only 38 months. Of course, that is only the first in a long line of plea deals.

Sharper has been retired from the NFL since 2011 and was in the NFL for 14 years, though it’s highly unlikely that his football legacy will be what people remember him for.  If you were wondering what someone who is worth $8 Million is doing drugging people, we are all wondering the same thing.