Jimmy Kimmel Talks About That Dennis Quaid Meltdown Video, Was It Just A Prank?

Yesterday, we shared this glorious Dennis Quaid video with you all. If you haven’t watched it, please click on the link and secure your ass because it might fly off while laughing.

As you can see, Dennis Quaid lost his freaking mind while filming a movie. And at first, everyone (including myself) assumed it was just another prank by Jimmy Kimmel. The late-night host has tricked us several times before. Who remembers the girl accidentally setting herself on fire while twerking? Freakin’ Jimmy.

But it looks like Mr. Kimmel actually had nothing to do with this Quaid meltdown. He addressed the issue last night on his show, and while he admits he watched the video over 14 times, he claims his hands are completely clean this time.

Check it out below…


Does this mean the rant was real? Does Dennis need to be locked up? Would he yell at a puppy like that? STOP ASKING ME SO MANY F–KING QUESTIONS! I CAN’T EVEN GET ONE F–KING WORD OUT WITH DOPEY THE DICK WHISPERING IN MY EAR!

On a serious note, I still believe the video is fake. Honestly, it’s probably some stunt for a project he is working on. Or maybe Ellen has something to do with it. He has helped her with several (extremely hilarious) pranks.

A TMZ photog saw the actor in New York yesterday. He asked him about the video, but Quaid didn’t have much to say. He just smirked and said, “Ah, come on man.”

Hmmm. The truth will come out soon. I can smell it.