Watch: Dennis Quaid Loses His Mind On Film Set, But Is The Curse-Filled Meltdown Real?

Has Dennis Quaid just made Christian Bale’s infamous rant seem like a lovely conversation during Sunday Brunch? Possibly. Shocking video was released online showing the 61-year-old actor losing his freaking mind while on set.

In the slightly hilarious video below, Quaid can be heard yelling, “I am acting here, and this d–khead wanders on to my set. I can’t even get a line out until dopey the d–k starts whispering in your ear. You’re not even watching any more.”

And before he eventually walked off set, the actor ended things with a, “Blow me!”

Check it out…


That is an amazing video, right? If it’s real, it might be the best video of 2015, but we think there is a decent chance of this turning out to be a prank. It seems a little too perfect, you know? And his rant feels rehearsed in a way, although, calling someone “Dopey the D–k” does sound like something that just enters the mind of a crazy person during a rant.

Some people believe Jimmy Kimmel is behind this video. We all know how much he loves his viral pranks, and one user on Reddit claims he works for Kimmel’s show and can confirm that this is a huge prank.

We’ll see what happens. Reps for the actor haven’t responded to the video. Either way, we enjoyed the video and applaud Mr. Quaid for his incredible ranting skills.