10 Famous People Answer The Important Question: What Is Your Favorite Sandwich?

Have you ever watched your favorite celebrity being interviewed and wondered why the reporter never asks them what their favorite sandwich is? I have. I don’t care about what movie they’re going to be in, who they are dating or what clothes they are wearing. I just want to know what they like between their bread.

Thankfully, celebrities have been going on Reddit recently to participate in “Ask Me Anything” events. The great people of the internet get to ask their favorite celebrity any question they want.

And you can bet the important question, “What is your favorite sandwich?” has been asked several times.



No. 10 – Jeff Bridges

Favorite Sandwich: “I like lox & bagels, I like kind of building that, the ritual of getting your bagel, I like my bagels toasted, almost burned, and then you put a medium spread of cream cheese, and then I like onions quite a bit, so I will put quite a few onions on it. I’m not really into tomato, but once in a while I will surprise myself with tomatoes. And then I’ll put the lox on there, and then put some peppers, and then I will cut it in half and go to town.”

Link to AMA: Click here. Do it.

Sandwich Grade: A-minus (not a huge bagel fan, but his beautiful description makes me want to try this lox/bagel creation)



No. 9 – H. Jon Benjamin

Favorite Sandwich: “Probably a traditional banh mi or a chicken parm.”

Link to AMA: Click here. You can do it.

Sandwich Grade: B-plus (would have been a solid A if he added more excitement to his comment)



No. 8 – Mila Kunis

Favorite Sandwich: “My favorite sandwich… maybe like a fried egg sandwich.”

Link to AMA: Click here. You might be able to do it.

Sandwich Grade: C-plus (knocked off some points for lack of commitment)



No. 7 – Ron Perlman

Favorite Sandwich: “Tuna on rye is tied with about 8 other things for my favorite sandwiches, among with is the Meatball Hero, Chicken Parmigian Hero – so not 8 other things, 2 other things.”

Link to AMA: Click here. I bet you can’t do it.

Sandwich Grade:  A (I like it when people aren’t afraid to admit they love tuna)



No. 6 – Donald Faison

Favorite Sandwich: “taco”

Link to AMA:  Click here. I know you can’t do it.

Sandwich Grade: C (for not taking the question seriously, tacos will never be a sandwich…stop it)



No. 5 – Josh Brolin

Favorite Sandwich: “I made my kids eat avocado, honey and what was it? Tuna? And cayenne pepper! It was an experiment that didn’t work, but I liked it, because i was hungry at the time.”

Link to AMA: Click here. What the f–k are you waiting for?

Sandwich Grade: D (what the hell, Brolin? Why would you do that to your kids?)



No. 4 – Gillian Anderson

Favorite Sandwich: “I love a reuben. But I haven’t had one in about 5 years.”

Link to AMA: Click here. Why do I need to keep telling you?

Sandwich Grade: B-minus (could have been higher, but not having your favorite sandwich in over 5 years is disturbing)



No. 3 – Reggie Watts

Favorite Sandwich: “Probably… a lettuce-wrapped turkey burger, free range turkey burger, made with Kore Kitchen’s special mustard, ketchup, and mayo.”

Link to AMA: Click this link. It’s right here.

Sandwich Grade:  W…T…F (who the f–k are you trying to impress?)



No. 2 – Jake Gyllenhaal

Favorite Sandwich: “Ay ay ay… Why do I have to have only ONE sandwich? Why? I would say pastrami on egg bread with coleslaw and russian dressing.”

Link to AMA: Please click here. Do it for, Jake.

Sandwich Grade: C-plus (coleslaw? No. Not even once just to see what it feels like)



No. 1 – Bill Murray

Favorite Sandwich: “You know, there’s a place not far from Warner Brothers, I think it was called the Godfather? And they made all kinds of sandwiches with smashed avocado and sprouts and stuff like that. And they really tasted good. And when you were having a bad day, I remember a particularly rough movie, you’d get sandwiches from this place. And they were very filling and very tasty, and then you’d forget about the morning.”

Link to AMA: Click. Click. Click.

Sandwich Grade: A (it’s Bill Freakin’ Murray!)