The Truth Behind The Dennis Quaid Meltdown Video!

After a few days of speculation, we finally know the truth! That hilarious video showing Dennis Quaid losing his mind on a movie set was just a prank. We warned you all that it probably wasn’t real, but unfortunately we blamed the wrong people. It wasn’t the work of Jimmy Kimmel or Ellen.

Funny or Die was behind the incredible video. The comedy video website sent a tweet yesterday saying, “After days of speculation, the truth about Dennis Quaid’s on-set meltdown is finally revealed.”

The tweet included a link to the hilarious video you see below…


We knew calling someone “Dopey the Dick” was too good to be true. In the video, there is actually a man walking around in freakin’ penis costume. And when he yells, “This is horsesh-t!” It’s because he actually steps on a huge chunk of horse poop.

It’s a pretty clever video, and the execution was flawless. Of course, this will just add to our mountain of trust issues. What are we supposed to believe anymore? What if every single thing is fake? What if I am not real? What if the sun is actually just a really bright flashlight?