Did You Know These 8 Celebrities Were Adopted?

We have all heard the stories about celebrities adopting children from around the world, but let’s take things up one more level. What about the celebrities who were adopted? Not every celebrity was born into the perfect household.

The celebrities you see below have some pretty interesting adoption stories.




No. 8 – Steve Jobs

If you have an ‘Apple‘ logo sticker placed on the back of your car, then you probably already know this information. Steve’s biological parents met each other when they were 23-year-old students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His father was a Syrian Muslim immigrant, and his biological mother’s parents didn’t want their daughter marrying an Arab at the time.

So, after being pressured by her parents, Ms. Schieble went to San Francisco without anyone knowing to have the baby. He was born on February 24, 1955, and was named Steven Paul by his adoptive parents, Paul and Clara Jobs.



No. 7 – Faith Hill

Faith Hill might be living the dream now, but her childhood was more like a nightmare. Hill claims she always knew she was adopted, but says she never did know the real reason why as a child.

“I had been told that [my birth mother] had an affair with a married man, and he didn’t want to leave his wife to marry her, so she gave me up for adoption. But it was completely untrue.”

Her birth parents actually got married shortly after giving her up for adoption. They also had another child together, and they didn’t put this one up for adoption. But the 47-year-old singer doesn’t seem to be upset, in fact, she actually got to meet her biological mother, father and brother when she was in her 20s. It was an experience that changed her life for the better.

“I have a lot of respect for my birth mother and no feelings of anger or any of that. I know she must have had a lot of love for me to want to give me what she felt was a better chance.”



No. 6 – Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is just the second United States President who has been adopted. His father died in a car accident three months before he was born, and he was raised by his grandparents for four years while his mother studied nursing in Louisiana.

The former President had this to say about adoption several years ago…

“We must work tirelessly to make sure that every boy and girl in America who is up for adoption has a family waiting to reach him or her. This is a season of miracles, and perhaps there is no greater miracle than finding a loving home for a child who needs one.”



No. 5 – Nicole Richie

Born Nicole Camille Escovedo on September 21, 1981, Nicole Richie was legally adopted when she was 9-years-old by Lionel Richie and his wife.

The 33-year-old reality star moved in with the family when she was just three. Nicole’s biological father was a musician who briefly played with Lionel in a band. They became friends, and when Nicole’s parents couldn’t afford to provide for her financially, they moved her in with Lionel and his wife.

She told People magazine the following in 2003…

“My parents were friends with Lionel. They trusted that they would be better able to provide for me.”




No. 4 – Jamie Foxx

Born in Terrell, Texas, Jamie Foxx was adopted and raised by his grandparents Estelle Marie Nelson and Mark Talley shortly after his birth. During his childhood, he had almost no contact with his birth parents, which he admitted was difficult for him, but his grandmother made sure he always felt loved.

Fast forward several years later, Foxx has now reconnected with his biological mother. He talked about the experience during a recent interview with The Sunday Times Magazine.

 “We’re trying to learn (about) each other. The one thing I think is great is she’s in the same house, because you realize certain things that you missed when you were growing up, like, ‘Oh, I do that because of that,’ or, ‘Oh, I do this because of that.’ It’s profound.”



No. 3 – Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan didn’t find out she was adopted until the age of nine. The 47-year-old singer was adopted in Nova Scotia, Canada, by Jack and Dorice McLachlan. The successful husband and wife team already had two adopted sons when they welcomed Sarah into the family.

And just like most of the celebrities on this list, Sarah finally met her biological mother later in life. She found out that her mother was just 19-years-old when she became pregnant.



No. 2 – Kristin Chenoweth

This big ball of sunshine (sounds sarcastic, but she truly is glowing all the time!) was adopted when she was just five days old by Jerry Morris Chenoweth and Junie Smith Chenoweth in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Kristin told American Way she’s never had that burning desire to meet her biological parents…

“I’ve never heard from my birth mom, and for me, that’s a blessing. I don’t feel that burning desire to meet my biological parents. Really, I’d just like to know who sang [in my family]. Where did that come from? And I have eczema. Where did that come from?”



No. 1 – Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

If you only know Snooki from the MTV reality show Jersey Shore, then you probably think she’s about as deep as a paper cut. But the 27-year-old reality star actually has an interesting story. Several years ago, Snooki opened up about her adoption on the Johnjay and Rich radio show.

“I was adopted at six months from Chile. [My biological parents] gave me up for a reason and I honestly love my parents. I have no desire to actually find out [about my biological parents].”

Now Snooki is starting her own family with her husband Jionni LaValle. They have a son named Lorenzo and a baby girl named Giovanna.