‘American Idol’ Top Five Recap: Who Went Home This Week?

We are down to just five contestants, and for some reason, American Idol is still trying to pull off this two-hour show. Even when the contestants are forced to sing two songs, there is still so much extra time to fill. It’s unnecessary, and it really brings the enjoyment level down for me.  Of course, most people probably record the show, so it’s probably only a big deal for people like me who watch it live.

Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff. The contestants were asked to sing “Judges’ Hometown” songs tonight, because they apparently ran out of relevant themes three weeks ago.

Clark Beckham was the first performer of the night, singing Stevie Wonder’s Living For the City. When he first started singing, I was thinking, “Oh, no! Clark is finally going to have a terrible performance!” But he managed to pull everyone back in toward the end of the performance. Overall, it was just an okay way to start out the night. It certainly wasn’t anything you will remember tomorrow.

His second performance? Well, you will probably remember it tomorrow because Idol added drama to it. Scott Borchetta and Clark had a little disagreement about his song choice. “You’re on the fast track to Holiday Inn” Scott warned him, but Clark didn’t give in. He stayed committed to his choice, Your Man by Josh Turner, and I think it actually hurt him. I wasn’t feeling it, the judges didn’t enjoy it…we’ll see what happens next week. He might find himself in the bottom two with Rayvon, and as we all know, that’s not a place you want to be.

Jax followed Clark with a strong Empire State of Mind performance. As Harry pointed out, you could tell there was something going on with her voice (hoarseness) but she didn’t let it hold her back. In fact, the raspy voice actually added a little bit of flavor to the song.

And no surprise, Nick Fradiani was the next contestant to find out the good news tonight. He outperformed Jax and Clark with his first performance of the night, singing Bright Lights by Matchbox 20. The key with Nick seems to be song choice, and he’s been picking perfect songs the past few weeks.

This left Tyanna Jones and Rayvon Owen. Would Rayvon finally go home now that Twitter can no longer save him? NO! NO! NO! THIS DUDE REFUSES TO GO HOME!

Ryan Seacrest announced the terrible news in the first hour of the show. Tyanna Jones handled the elimination like a pro, and even managed to pull herself together for a great performance of Beyonce’s Run the World.

And then Rayvon hit the stage with another ballad. He did the same thing he does every single week. The judges seemed to enjoy his Need You Now performance, which is not surprising. I mean, I’ll admit the dude has an amazing voice, but I feel nothing from him! At this point, I think those hats on his head contain more personality than he does.

Even his second performance, which made Jennifer Lopez cry, left me feeling empty. I am starting to think this is a personal problem. Maybe it’s me who needs help? Maybe I am the robot?

What do you think? Does Rayvon tickle your funny bone? And who had the best performance of the night?