Hilary Duff Calls Herself A ‘Tinder Animal’ — Shares Details Of Her First Tinder Date


You know Tinder, right? It’s the dating app average guys like me use just to confirm their loserness. It’s like, “Maybe I am secretly this extremely attractive person. What if I just need to put myself out there?” And then 1,000 right swipes later, and you only match with 5 bots, 3 grandmothers and 4 girls who only have group photos.

The Tinder experience is quite different when you are an attractive female, or even just an average female. You’ll be swimming in a pond full of dick pics. But what happens when you are not only attractive, but also famous and really sweet? That pond probably turns into a freaking ocean.

Hilary Duff talked about joining the dating app during a recent interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest. She talked about going on her first Tinder date with a lucky dude named Tom.

We went bowling so we didn’t have to talk too much, but we did talk a lot actually. He was cool. He brought a friend and I had some friends there. He used to be in editing for reality shows. Now, he’s an actor and he just wrote a play. He’s an interesting guy. To be honest, I don’t really want [to date] an actor.

Good news, Duff. I am not an actor, but I was in a bowling league when I was in middle school. We even had matching shirts and everything.

Anyway, the 27-year-old actress also admitted that this wouldn’t be her last Tinder date. She has matched with several “normies” and plans to go another date soon…

I’m just a Tinder animal. I had my Tinder training wheels on for my first date. Now it’s smooth sailing.

Bonus photo, check out Hilary reuniting with her ‘Lizzie McGuire‘ co-stars…