The 5 Most Amazing Mothers From Disney Channel Shows


The child actors are usually the stars on Disney Channel shows, but sometimes their goofy parents are just as memorable. Just look how much Hannah Montana helped Billy Ray’s fading career. Before that show, he had the mullet and the achy breaky heart. That’s it. But now he’s partially responsible for creating one of the most popular Disney Channel shows of all time.

But Mr. Mullet didn’t make the list you see below, even though he did play the role of both mother and father on the show. Damn. Now I feel bad for not including him.

I’m sorry Billy Ray, but you know how it goes…




No. 5 – Joanne ‘Jo’ McGuire – “Lizzie McGuire”

You see that little piece of sh-t grinning behind the door? He is the reason Mrs. McGuire is on this list. Matt McGuire, described as the clever troublemaker. He would constantly torture poor Lizzie, which usually resulted in shouting matches between the two siblings. Then they would yell for their parents, and you know that f–king human tree branch of a father Sam wasn’t going to do anything. This left poor Jo responsible for Matt’s mischievous behavior.

She is a hero.



No. 4 – Trudy Proud – “The Proud Family”

Trudy Proud is a badass. Yeah, her husband Oscar usually stole the show, but Trudy was the one holding everything down. Do you really think Oscar could have raised those three kids by himself? Hell no. She’s also a veterinarian, which gives her extra cool points in my book. And she wasn’t afraid to put her foot down when Oscar’s annoying cousins would come around.



No. 3 – Nora McDonald – “Life with Derek”

Okay, so I don’t think Life with Derek was an original Disney Channel show; however, it was picked up and aired on the network, so let’s just count it as a stepchild of Disney. That’s appropriate for the show considering it revolves around a mixed family. Nora McDonald  and George Venturi fell in love with each other, but unfortunately Nora’s two daughters and George’s three children didn’t share that same love, at least not at first.

Nora, being the strong mother she is, worked her magic and managed to create a few happy moments. Yeah, the house was a mess, and the kids were constantly getting in trouble, but she had a lot on her plate. She did her best. And plus, it probably wasn’t easy knowing your daughter and your step-son were secretly in love with each other.



No. 2 – Tanya Baxter – “That’s So Raven”

Do I even need to explain this? She was 50% responsible for producing a supernatural teen! And even if Raven couldn’t see the future, she would still be one of the best Disney Channel characters ever. And Tanya’s second child, Cory, was special enough to receive his own spin-off show. This means Tanya produced two Disney stars!

And we know Tanya must have a good heart. After all, she refrained from murdering Raven’s incredibly annoying best friend, Chelsea. Any other mom, and Chelsea would have been dead by season 2.



No. 1 – Carey Martin – “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”

I’ll admit, I had a crush on single mother Carey Martin, but my Arwin-level crush on her doesn’t have anything to do with this ranking. She is number one on this list because she had to raise identical twins, by herself, in a freaking hotel! And yeah, Zack & Cody got in a lot of trouble with Mr. Moseby, but they had good hearts. Even Mr. Moseby loved them by the time they went off to sea.

And one more thing. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, the actors behind Zack and Cody, avoided the Disney curse. They graduated from NYU last month…


Well done, Carey.