Justin Bieber Releases The ‘Most Creative’ Music Video Ever? Check It Out Inside! (VIDEO)


Every celebrity has fans. Even Donald Trump has fans, and he’s the freaking devil. But Justin Bieber doesn’t just have fans. He has a following of Beliebers, and those followers treat him like a God. Pretty soon, we are going to see the First Church of Bieber pop up. His followers will meet every Sunday morning and eat Trix while listening to his songs.

And since Justin is one walk across water away from being Jesus, his followers are pretty passionate. If you say anything negative about Bieber, they will find you and murder you. Even if you just say something that sounds like it could be negative, they will still murder you and let all their cats feast on your decaying body.

Why do we bring this up? Well, we just want to warn all you non-beliebers out there that Justin’s new music video for Where Are Ü Now was released yesterday, and his followers believe it’s the most creative music video ever. If you want to continue living, we suggest you just agree with them and move on with your life.


Check out the video below. By the way, this is Justin’s first music video since Confident was released back in January of 2014.



Justin is God. God is Justin. Best music video ever. Flavored water. Bubble gum. Cute dogs. Transition complete. Welcome to the Church of Bieber.