Taylor Swift Will Never Stop Being Great, Responds To Another Young Fan On Tumblr!

Most people want to be famous so they can afford fancy cars and attend lavish parties all over the world. But Taylor Swift? Well, we are starting to think she became famous just so she could have millions of friends all over the world.

The 25-year-old singer is a pretty active Tumblr user. And unlike most celebrities, she doesn’t just use the social media profile to promote her concerts and albums. She actually reads messages her fans post, and sometimes she will even respond to those messages. Most recently, she replied to a young fan named Emily, who was born with a congenital heart defect.

Emily posted a message to her Tumblr account, explaining how much Taylor Swift’s music has helped her during the long hospital visits…

In light of all my confusion, i’ve found someone whose made all of these blurry lines become clear and i want to thank you for that.. taylor, you’ve made each and every long hospital visit, echo, ekg, iv, etc., easier, and i am so so incredibly grateful for that. you allowed me to be accepting towards the condition that i have and i’m so unbelievably thankful for that… love you always, emily.

T-Swift saw Emily’s post and actually responded with her own personal message…


Do you see that? She is not even responding in the normal way a celebrity would to a sick fan. Most celebs treat their fans like, well, they treat them like fans. But Taylor Swift truly does treat all her fans like a friend she has known since middle school. The extra note explaining how she just raided the hotel snack bar. That’s what makes her special.

More celebrities should follow her social media game. Why do you think Taylor Swift is one of the only artists still selling albums? She had the top selling album last year. SHE BEAT THE FROZEN SOUNDTRACK! And it’s all because of that close relationship she has with her fans.

Also, her songs are ridiculously catchy…