108-Year-Old Woman Just Tossed A Better First Pitch Than 50 Cent (VIDEO)

Most people won’t even make it to 108, but Evelyn Jones isn’t most people. The 108-year-old great, great grandmother celebrated her big birthday by watching her favorite baseball team, the Seattle Mariners, take on the first place Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

And not only did her team surprise her (and everyone else) with a 5-0 victory, but they also surprised her by hooking her up with a team jersey and allowing her to throw out the first pitch. Obviously, they didn’t make her stand on the mound to deliver the pitch, instead they had her within tossing distance to King Felix, but just the fact that she can still move her arm is impressive to me.

Check it out below…



According to the team’s Twitter account, the entire stadium sang her Happy Birthday after she delivered the pitch, “Evelyn threw a first pitch to @RealKingFelix and the entire stadium sang her Happy Birthday. Best birthday ever?” You can say that again!” Evelyn’s family promised to bring her back to the stadium if the Mariners make the playoffs, which means they will not be taking her back to the stadium.

Not unless Joseph Gordon-Levitt starts flapping his arms for a different team.

Oh, and for those of you out there confused about the title of this post. Please watch the video below. You’ll see exactly what we’re talking about…



That was ugly.