6 Incredible Times Heisenberg Took Control Of Bryan Cranston’s Body

Even though it’s been almost two years since the series finale aired on AMC, Breaking Bad is still one of the most talked-about shows on the internet. People can’t let the characters go, especially the great Walter White, aka “Heisenberg.” He might be one of the greatest characters in television history. You fell so hard for this man in the first season. Poor Mr. White, you know? Not only is he about to die, but no one seems to respect him. You feel bad for the guy.

And then he gradually transforms into this character you should hate, but you can’t! Because Bryan Cranston played the character so well. Mr. White is family now, and yeah he was involved in some horrific sh-t, but you don’t turn your back on family. In the case of Heisenberg, you literally don’t want to turn your back on him.

He’s terrifying. Two years after the show and he still won’t leave Bryan Cranston’s body. There will always be a little piece of Heisenberg inside Cranston.

You want proof? Check it out below…



No. 6 – Prom or Death? It’s Your Choice, Maddie.

After one of Bryan Cranston’s Broadway performances in All The Way, Heisenberg took control of his body for a few seconds to help Stefan convince Maddie to go to prom with him. The threat and creepy stare from Heisenberg worked. Maddie did accept Stefan’s prom invitation.


No. 5 – Never Send Mean Tweets To Heisenberg

You can skip to the 2:21 mark for the Heisenberg appearance. After watching the video, I figured there was a good chance that @TXGRIZZ was dead, but the Twitter account is still active. The last tweet was sent out July 10, although, as I am writing this the account currently has 666 followers.


That’s probably not a good sign. Heisenberg is coming.


No. 4 – The Most Dangerous Rock Star

The crowd seemed to be excited, and even Heisenberg appeared to be in a festive mood. Sadly, this video cuts out right before he made the beat drop for good…

Our thoughts go out to everyone involved.



No. 3 – Family Destroyed

During an AMA event on Reddit (R.I.P. Victoria) Heisenberg made a rare ‘text’ appearance. With just one sentence, he managed to destroy a family for the second time. But this comment is actually interesting for another reason. You can see the edit made on the comment, and I think we all know what happened there.

Bryan gained control and tried to clean up the mess Heisenberg made. It was too late, though. Her husband’s brother will never be the same again.


No. 2 – He’s Taking Over Super Bowl Commercials

Say goodbye to cable. Heisenberg said hello to the world during this Super Bowl commercial. Hopefully your kids weren’t in the room when this thing aired. The scary thing about this commercial? People actually thought it was funny.

If only they knew what happened to that lady after she left the pretend pharmacy.


No. 1 – Comic Con’s First Murder

Once again, I don’t understand why people are laughing. He just murdered a teenager in front of thousands of people. No one even cared about that poor kid. You didn’t see anyone rushing to help him. I mean, Comic Con is a popular event, you’d think they would have some AEDs in the building.

The worst part about it? I heard the boy’s mother didn’t even attend his funeral. She was too busy f–king Heisenberg.