WATCH: Brandy Sings Her Heart Out on the NYC Subway….and No One Cares. Oops! (Video)


Possibly taking a que from R&B singer and actor Tyrese, who hit the subway on Friday to promote his new album, Brandy decided to do the same thing. Although she doesn’t have a new album she does have a lot going on and a little self promotion wouldn’t hurt…would it?

Let’s remember just how famous Brandy is.  Besides having her own show “Moesha”, which ran from 1996 to 2001 she was also on a show called “Thea” which ran from 1993 -1994.  She also had recurring roles on “90210”, “Drop Dead Diva” and “The Game”.  Despite her acting she has put out 6 albums and has won  a Grammy Award, three American Music Awards, and seven Billboard Music Awards.  Most recently the 36 year old can be seen in Chicago on Broadway.  She has the lead role of Roxie Hart which in and of itself is a big deal.  Originally planned for 8 weeks, her run was extended another 8 weeks ending this August.  And guess what???


Brandy decided to film herself riding the subway home after leaving the gym from her workout.  She posted the video on her website wondering if she still had it? Here is what the post said,

Recently, Frank Silent and I took a little subway ride after I’d left the gym.   Frank, his camera, and I always equal a good time. I decided to hit the subway and sing my little heart out. You’ve (sic) fun-filled morning left me asking: Can a Sistah get ONE fan?!

During the ride you see Brandy launch into song.  Although her singing was quite good, as one would expect, not one person even batted an eye.  When she received no reaction she replied,

People in New York are so rude, like, oh my god,  Like, I just sang from the heart.


A bystander was on hand and gave the Grammy award winner a bit of advice.  He told her that we have been there…done that.  He said,

Don’t be scared. You got talent man, go for it. We’ve seen this a million times. You’ve gotta do something different.

He was right.  This is NYC, subway riders literally see that everyday, and unfortunately sometimes much better. Watch the humbling video for yourself:


Here is an example of changing up.  How about the entire cast of the Lion King.  That’s a bit differenct.  After seeing that, Brandy launching into a 30 second song is not that impressive at all.