Watch: Serena Williams Keeps It Real During Post-Match Press Conference, Says She Doesn’t Want To Be There

Update:  We also have the clip of her interview after her shocking defeat by Italian player Roberta Vinci during the semi-finals 

Serena Williams has been one of the best tennis players in the game for years, and when you’re the best at something, everyone wants to ask you questions. Serena constantly has to make herself stay awake for the repetitive post-match interviews.

You know, the interviews where a handful of reporters ask her the same question over and over again. There aren’t many (any?) athletes who actually enjoy these things, but most of them understand it’s just a price you have to pay for being the best. But Tuesday night, after beating her sister on the court, a reporter asked why she wasn’t smiling.

Why didn’t she look excited after her win? And well, Serena decided to keep things 100% real. The awesome moment starts at around the 5:20 mark, but if you have time, I suggest you watch the entire thing so you understand why Serena was so annoyed.



I’m not a woman, so I can’t understand completely, but it must be incredibly annoying to hear people ask you all the time, “Why aren’t you smiling?” As if it’s a woman’s job to smile just to make you feel good about yourself. If she wanted to freaking smile, she would probably be smiling!

And heck, if the reporters want the athletes to show a little excitement, maybe they could at least try to make things a little interesting by throwing out a challenging question.

Here is Serena gracefully answering stupid-ass questions after her defeat in the semi-finals by Italian player Roberta Vinci.


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