Waka Flocka Is Not Sorry After Slamming Caitlyn Jenner And The Trans Community

Waka Flocka Flame? More like Waka Flocka Lame…am I right? The 29-year-old rapper is in some trouble with the internet after making some interesting comments about Caitlyn Jenner and the transgender movement on a New York radio show.

He was speaking to The Breakfast Club last Friday when he claimed Jenner was “rebuking God” by being a transgender, and even claims Jenner is a great example that the devil is still working that devilish magic.

You know what the world is today? Women are afraid to be a wife and young males are afraid to be men. You are who God made you, not who you became. That’s how I feel…God ain’t put those feelings in you, man. That’s giving into the devil playing tricks on their minds.

Look, I am not into fairy tales like most people, so I don’t know much about God or the bible. But wouldn’t this devil character be going for something a little more sinister than someone trading in their penis? If I was the devil, I’d be trying to make people murder each other with their detached penis. That sounds pretty evil.

But someone dressing up as the opposite sex, because they don’t feel comfortable inside their “normal” body? That doesn’t sound evil to me. It just sounds logical. If something is making you uncomfortable, it would be smart to change it.

Anyway, let’s get back to Mr. Flame. He went on his Twitter account to clarify his comments…

tran trans

When people make this, “Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero!” argument, I think they’re missing the point. It’s not about Jenner or the Kardashian family. It’s about the confused and suicidal kids at home. Seeing someone in Caitlyn’s position come out might help them. Even just Caitlyn getting the conversation out there might help them. In some strange, muddled way, Caitlyn might actually be saving lives.

Sounds pretty heroic to me.