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UPDATE: Fetty Wap In Stable Condition After Serious Motorcycle Accident (Crash and Hospital photos)

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Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, has been having a hell of a year; that is until today. The 25 year old, who just under 2 years ago was selling his music on the streets, was back at his hometown of Paterson, NJ.  Fetty was there to give back to his community by performing a free concert after which he had an album release party.  Things all seemed to be going right until he decided to take his bike out Saturday morning.  Let’s just say, that’s when Fetty got Wap’d!!


The incident occurred Saturday before noon. People who witnessed the crash said that Fetty tried to pass a car that was in front of him. He passed the car and went through an intersection where a car coming in the opposite direction was making a left.

The car making the left-hand turn struck Fetty Wap so hard that he and his motorcycle flipped and went airborne. Witnesses who heard the accident say that he is lucky to be alive. Pictures have surfaced including one that shows Fetty with a splint on his left leg hinting at the extent of his injuries.

A statement from his camp said that his condition was stable

Fetty Wap was involved in a motorcycle accident earlier today he was treated at a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Here are some photos from the scene of the accident,

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fetty-accident-2 - 26SEP2015

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Fetty released his self-titled debut album yesterday although we have been rocking out to 4 of the singles all summer. He has had tremendous success this year. His first three singles debuted in the billboard hot 100’s top 11 at the same time; something only done before by the Beatles. He is also the first artist in history to chart four singles on the Hip Hop Top 10 at the same time.  Even if you are not a rap fan, chances are you have been Fetty Wap’d somewhere this summer.

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