Katy Perry Was Violated On Stage By Sexually Aggressive Female Fan, Watch Uncomfortable Moment Inside!

Remember how Katy Perry bragged about how much she enjoyed kissing girls in the song that put her on the superstar map? Well, apparently the lyrics only apply to those girls wearing cherry chapstick, because the 30-year-old singer was clearly not enjoying the barrage of kisses she got by a female fan at the Rock in Rio festival.

In the video below, Perry invites an extremely excited fan on stage. This fan, who was wearing a smiley face bra, immediately started kissing Perry’s neck during their initial embrace.

And the only time she stopped rubbing her hands/lips all over Katy’s body was when she was asked questions by the singer. At one point, Perry joked that the girl must be rolling, even asking if anybody had some water they could give her.

Check out the awkwardness below…



At least she ended things with a butt slap. That girl didn’t know what to do when that happened. She looked like she was about to come back and attack Perry’s booty, but thankfully the singer turned around in time to stop her.