After Raven-Symone’s Controversial Comment on Ghetto Names, Her Dad Writes An Open Letter. He Supports Her but Agrees that She Says Some Stupid -ISH


This is exactly what the producers of “The View” wanted.  Raven not only represents the younger, social media driven, politically ignorant demographic, but she also has no filter.  They knew, after a few tests shows, that her attitude and viewpoints would lead to controversial comments, which would spread like wild fire on social media and celebrity blogs.  For shows like “The View”, this is the best type of publicity: Viral & Free!

That is the first thing that these new producers got right.  Week after week, Raven says something that gets people on twitter and facebook hashtagging away, thus bringing “The View” to the mind  and fingertips of many.


During Thursday’s episode of “The View”, they were discussing a study published by UCLA’s Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior that stated that Americans make racist assumptions based on names.  Whoopi Goldberg then played a famous viral video (which we have below), where they list the 60 most ghetto names.  The video is a spoof, but does prove that there are names that we definitely associate as being “Ghetto”.

After the video, Raven started the discussion off, making a lot of sense.  She said,

Just to bring it back, can we take back “racist” and say “discriminatory”, because I think that’s a better word.

Whoopi even agreed at that point.  That’s when things got a little crazy. Raven then begin to ramble,

…..And I’m very discriminatory against words like the ones that they were saying in those names. I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea.  It’s just not going to happen, I’m not going to hire you.

As she is talking, she thinks that the audience is laughing with her.  In actuality they are laughing at Whoopi Goldberg’s expression and her face as she grabs her chest after hearing Raven’s comments.

Here is the clip

Raven is oblivious to what she just said and totally doesn’t get it.  If you have not realized the stupidity in her statement let me explain.  Whoopi could be considered a ghetto name.  Raven could be considered a ghetto name.  Beyonce IS a ghetto name.   Not only that, but Raven has her head shaved on either side and she is sporting a bright red Mohawk. That’s a pretty ghetto-ass hair do.

It’s not that Raven-Symone is stupid, she just doesn’t’ understand the size of her platform and doesn’t’ think before speaking thus has no idea regarding the impact of some of her statements.   I’m convinced that she is intelligent and once she does see the position of influence she is in and takes it more seriously, it will prove to be a positive thing.




Christopher Pearman used to manage Raven’s career and has done so successfully.  He has written a book called “Dream So Big – A parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Believe & Achieve”.  He is a motivational speaker and one of the few father/managers in the industry without controversy.  He took to his daughter’s defense, but in doing so, he defended her not her statements.  He wrote an open letter

To My Dear Friends,

There has been much talk today about my daughter’s comments on her show The View. People have been hitting me up all night questioning me about her remarks. Let me say this……I haven’t managed Ravens career in over 10 years. This woman is grown, has her own management team, has her own opinions, right or wrong, and is responsible for her own words and actions. A woman wrote to me tonight and said she couldn’t support my book because of the words of my daughter. What she fails to realize is that my book is about teaching your child to believe and achieve. Raven has achieved incredible success, and this cannot be denied!

Children grow up and become influenced by many things, situations and people. I certainly don’t agree with what she said….but she is damn near thirty years old. She’s a grown ass woman making grown ass mistakes. We all have been guilty of this.

I did my best as her father, mentor and career manager. I believe I did a Wonderful job. Aside from this inexcusable gaffe, her 29 years in the entertainment industry has been quite successful, for there have been only an Elite Few Child Stars to last this long and have little to no controversy. For this, I am Very Proud!

Raven is a really Beautiful, Sweethearted, Human Being.I should know. Her Mother and I Love her Very much and will always support her and have her back. Even if sometimes……….she says some dumb S#%T!

To see Raven and our families story go

I like this guy. He definitely kept it real.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that this guy is smart enough to tell Raven to keep becoming the polarizing figure that she is becoming.  She has a huge, loyal fan base which has grown up with her and she is steadily recruiting more fans daily.  Soon she could possibly have enough to support her own show.  Real soon.  I’m just saying……

And here is the Top 60 Ghetto names….