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WATCH: Dave Chappelle is Funnier than Ever. Hilarious New Material Surfaces On Youtube (Video)

Dave-Chappelle2 21OCT2015
This is good news. We were getting worried about Dave and his career. Earlier this year a clip surfaced of a drunk Dave performing in Detroit where the performance was so bad that fans were requesting their money back.

When we ran that story, everyone began to lose their minds. We got bashed for bashing Dave. Chappelle fans came from every side attacking us on social media as if I put the drinks in Dave’s hands and told him to put on a sucky show. The show sucked and fans wanted their money back. That was a fact.

I also said in the same post that the shows following that show seemed to be fine. No one cared. That’s when I learned that when we post a video clip, people don’t read too far past the headline. They would rather take 10 minutes to tell me which bodily orifices I could stick my opinions in, than take 2 minutes to read an entire post to see that I actually am a huge Chappelle fan and agree with them. That’s why I’m just going to post these video clips of Dave and his new material and stop writing.

He goes in hard on Bill Cosby, AIDS, Donald Sterling, Terrorism and any other thing you can find offensive. I guarantee, none of these people wanted their money back.