Liam Payne Is Feeling Some Pain After Breaking Up With Sophia Smith!


This might make some of the more unrealistic/optimistic One Direction fans happy. Liam Payne and his longtime girlfriend Sophia Smith have decided to end their relationship after a little over two years together. They started dating back in May of 2013, but they met each other when they were in school.

We don’t know why or exactly when the surprising split happened, but multiple websites are confirming the payneful news. Yeah, they were only in their early 20s; however, they did seem pretty perfect for each other, which by the way is the name of One Direction’s new single, Perfect.

During an interview with Attitude Magazine, Payne spoke about how he met Smith…

I used to see her at school and we’d kind of chat. I asked her sister for her number. She was very shy and didn’t give much indication that she liked me, so I just assumed that she wasn’t interested, as well as thinking, she was way too hot for me anyway.

But then he joined the world’s biggest boy band and I have to imagine no girl is “too hot” or “too cool” for him now. Later in the interview, he made it clear that they weren’t thinking about getting married, “22 seems a bit young for us. Sophia needs to go off and do what she wants to do. I don’t want her to be one of those stay-at-home girlfriends who doesn’t really do much.”

Maybe that’s why they broke up? They are both still young, so maybe they just wanted to test the waters. See if they are missing any other important fish out there. If you believe you can be that fish, you should probably wait until March to make your move. Liam will be super busy with the band until then, which is when their “break” officially begins.