Reggie Bush is Suing St. Louis


According to rumor, Reggie Bush is planning on suing Edward Jones Dome in St Louis for causing his season ending, and likely career-ending knee injury. Bush was playing on the field on November 1 when he slipped and fell, and suffered a torn meniscus. The tear is a serious one for the athlete, especially since at 30, he’s getting a bit long in the tooth to be playing anyway.

Those in Bush’s camp are blaming the stadium for installing concrete where players run in slippery cleats. Their case is further proven by the fact that another player was injured in the exact same way only a week before Reggie had his accident. As a free agent, Bush signed a contract with the 49ers for $2.5 million and could stand to lose out on a lot of cash from this injury.

Here’s hoping St Louis has some good liability insurance.