Wait, What? Sia Shows Her Face In Super Rare Photo, Find Out How Larry David Was Involved! (PHOTO)


Australian singer/songwriter Sia is simply a beautiful person. Her voice is beautiful, her lyrics are beautiful, and her face is beautiful. But unfortunately, we don’t get to see much of her face anymore. As most of you know, the 39-year-old singer decided a few years ago to hide her face while performing and doing interviews.

During almost every TV performance now, she shows up looking like this…


Why does she do it? Because she doesn’t want to share her personal life with the world. She doesn’t want the fame that most people crave. All she wants to do is share her music with the world. If you’d like to hear more about why she made the change, check out the video at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, why are we talking about this? Because Sia decided to give Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie, the Instagram photo of the year after her performance on SNL.

Cazzie posted the photo you see below to her Instagram account, with the caption, “Great hair tip from sia” making it clear her famous father isn’t the only one who knows how to be funny in the family.


Pretty neat moment right there, especially if Sia keeps up the “hidden face” thing for the rest of her career. However, we’re starting to wonder how long Sia will keep it up.

We mentioned above that we had a video to show you. The singer talked with Ryan Seacrest back in September, and she seemed open to changing her ways one day…