Oprah and Rebel

SHE SAID WHAT? Oprah Defends the Kardashians After Being Slammed by Rebel Wilson & Social Media Comes for Oprah’s Head!

The Kardashians are about as polarizing as Justin Bieber. People love them or hate them. The haters typically “hate them because they ain’t them”.  They hate the fact that they are good looking, rich, have their own show and get to seemingly do whatever they want. They resent the fact that an entire empire was built off of Kim’s back….or backside.

This is true, however what adult film star do you know who has managed to brand themselves as successfully as Kim Kardashian West?   Not a single one.


Rebel Wilson was the latest person to join the KHC (Kardashian Haters Club). Let’s just say she fits the mold of your typical hater.  And just like a typical hater, she ranted about the standard things that people hate about the Kardashians.

A Sydney native, Wilson was on a popular Australian radio program called “The Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show”. Rebel took multiple jabs at the Kardashians saying that she refused to present and award with Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the VMA’s. Wilson explained,

They aren’t really about talent…How Kim got famous from the sex tape and I just went to acting school and worked really hard.

I am all about personality and working hard to get where I am

I got asked to present with Kendall and Kylie at the latest VMAs but I said ‘no, I’d rather do it by myself’.

I think I was going to dress up as Kim K if I was going to do that. I don’t hate them individually but what they stand for is totally different to what I stand for.

I can say a lot right here…but I won’t.


Monday Oprah was on the same show promoting her own event, “An Evening With Oprah“, which will arrive in Australia next month. She was asked her opinion regarding the Kardashians and Rebel Wilson’s comments and her response shocked everyone. Oprah is a woman who prides herself in hard work and doing the right things at the right time. Everyone expected her to share in Rebel’s viewpoint but Oprah had a view of her own. She said that the Kardashian’s do work hard!  Oprah said,

I interviewed the Kardashians two years ago and I couldn’t believe how hard they work. ‘People think it’s just TV cameras following you, that it’s easy.

But to create a reality series where it looks like something is happening all the time, you have to be on it all the time.

We were there for seven hours filming them and they were going to tape for another seven hours afterwards…That is work, no matter who you are.

Not to mention the fact that they have countless clothing collections, apps, books and a range of beauty products. To say that managing all of this successfully is easy is to be clueless. It’s hard work but a different kind of hard work. We equate sitting on our ass all day typing in a cube as hard work, while the guy outside digging ditches in the sun everyday say we have it easy.  If you work retail you would say someone with a desk job has it easy.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

I think anyone who has a traditional 9 to 5 would look at Rebel Wilson and say that her life is easy.  Shoot a movie for four months, promote it and then take six months off!


Either way, social media was not having it. They came for and are continuing to come for Oprah. Here are a few special comments,


Oprah, dear. U can work long hours without “wiorkinghard.” 0prah, u make as little sense as one of the billion inane remarks that r Typical Krap-talk. They shud name their next show Krap-talk.


Oprah really? It maybe hard work to be up for x amount of hours but that has nothing to do with talent. When does taking selfies, retouching make-up and hair, going to a restaurant, taking more selfies, then having an outfit change show any talent? They have to be on for hours because they’ve got storylines to create like.


I think it’s hilarious for Oprah to defend the Kardashians and their line of ‘work’. Yes, I’m sure it can’t be easy being followed around 24/7 for a scripted ‘reality’ show as privacy is rare thing to come by. But then again, it’s easy to judge what you do not know or understand. My mother has two jobs across 7 days to keep my family together, my father works endless hours a day, some of those hours don’t even get paid. I started working at the age of 16 because my parents aimed to give me a great education but couldn’t afford it anymore, so I started working to pay my own fees. THAT is hard work. Making a home out of four walls for 7 people on minimum wage is hard work. Putting a smile on your face when you’ve only got enough money to either pay rent or buy food – that is hard work. Oprah, put a sock in it. Parading around of a television isn’t hard work. I would give my left leg to do that and save my parents from slaving away for capitalists.


They work hard? Posing for hours on end. Do you know who works hard? Doctors. Nurses. Paramedics. Fire fighters. Don’t you ever say these brainless twits work hard by standing around when their are countless people who do fourteen hour shifts for minimum wage, oh how my heart bleeds for them!!!!


Ohhh here we fr.ikk.en go! Now Oprah is siding w/ them. Well, if all you’re doing is showing your body and taking pictures to get money of course you’re going to work 14 hr days. Try a REAL job for that long, THEN PRAISE the work ethic Oprah!


I totally agree with Rebel but there is a big difference in having talent and being famous! they are two totally different things. not anyone can just become famous simply by making a sex tape and also making that fame last you this long. you have to keep the momentum going. love them or hate them, somehow and the kardashians found a way to make their 15 minutes last! I by no means think they are talented but being able to create a multi million dollar brand for yourself and make it work requires a great amount of skill and personality. so I can see where oprah is going with this. I still do not appreciate the kardashians though. Im just trying to think both sides.


Exercise Mrs Rebel Wilson. Exercise.

Didn’t I tell you they are polarizing? The best part of it all is that Rebel, Oprah, nor any of the Kardashians will even care what people have to say. The only people that will get upset are other regular people, working regular jobs.

Let me recap this entire post in two gifs: