Watch: Popular YouTuber Adrian Gee Caught Hiring Actors To Play Real People In His Viral Prank Videos!


Now that YouTube is all about the money, we have seen hundreds of “social experiment” or “prank” channels pop up, and they all usually have one thing in common: a male douchebag lead. This male douchebag lead needs to be moderately attractive and willing to do things that would even make Martin Shkreli say, “Bro…that’s wrong.”

90% of these channels are fake, and yes we are just throwing a random number out there, it’s probably much higher than that. The videos showing guys walking up to girls and kissing them or slapping their ass? Fake. Please don’t try that in real life. The videos involving the homeless? Mostly fake and always disgraceful. But they continue to do it because we continue to share these videos.


It’s easy money. Just go around with a camera and annoy some strangers for a few hours? Sign me the heck up! Except, their job really isn’t even that hard. At least the ‘stranger’ part adds a delicious slice of danger. Risking a punch to the face is certainly worth a few bucks.

But like we said, 90% of these channels use actors, so really there is no risk involved. The only risk you take is being exposed for the liar and horrible person that you are. And that’s exactly what happened to YouTube star Adrian Gee recently.

He posted the “social experiment” video you see below a little over two weeks ago. The video went viral and attracted over 2 million views. Not only did the success of this video help Gee bring in more subscribers, but it also set him up with a fat paycheck from that sexy ad money.

In the description of the video, he writes: “In today’s video I, Adrian Gee wanted to conduct a blind man social experiment where I pose as a blind man and ask strangers whether they would help me out with change for a five dollar note but I go to hand them a fifty dollar note.”



Can you believe those disgusting people actually took the money? THEY SHOULD BURN IN HELL, OR AT LEAST SERIOUSLY INJURE THEIR TONGUE WHILE EATING A HOT POCKET!

Wait…what’s that? No one in the video is real? They are all actors? Is it too late to take back the whole burning in hell thing? I’m sorry.



Wasn’t that just adorable? Watching him continue to lie even after getting called out? To me, that’s the true test to find out just how evil someone is. If they just admit their mistakes right away, maybe there is some hope for them.

But no, Gee waited until this video went viral on Reddit before coming clean in the comments section of his original video. He waited until he was forced to come clean, and now he’s trying his best to explain his side of the story.

Sadly, his side of the story is once again filled with lies. He first starts out with a warning that he did not copy the idea for the video from another YouTuber who posted their blind man prank just a week before his. We are just going to believe him on that because I honestly don’t care if people steal dreadful ideas from each other. You still end up with sh-t on your hand either way.

Gee then explains why he hired the actors…

I contemplated on going to a bad area (which could be considered as ‘The Hood’ for anyone reading from the U.S) to shoot to get the reactions I needed but I took a second thought and thought to myself ‘Why risk going out in ‘The Hood’ to lose some cash when I could just grab a few actors and get the shots that would be needed’ So I decided to try it out and put a casting call out for actors to shoot a social experiment. I asked a few actors that applied and asked them if they were down and a majority of them were interested and enthused about the idea.”

That’s cute, right? He just assumes people in poor neighborhoods would steal his money, because f–k those miserable people.  They live in ‘The Hood’ for a reason! In fact, they probably wouldn’t have stopped with cash, they probably would have ripped off his clothes, leaving him naked and afraid out in some sketchy community, but really the only community you should worry about is the YouTube prank community.

Gee also explains he made this video to help disabled people! To show there are people out there who would actually steal a blind man’s money…

The intent behind the video was just to send a message and to make you think. We all know that individuals like that do exist and I personally know people with a disability that have been taken advantage of in a similar situation so I thought ‘You know what, why not do a video based on someone taking advantage of a person with a disability?’ and so this idea came up.”

You are truly a hero, Gee. Pat yourself on the back and then go blow yourself. We all know why you made the video.

By the way, this is Gee’s latest video. Incredible stuff. Maybe he’ll beat Leo next year at the Oscars.