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A Picture Perfect Thanksgiving, Kardashian Style. Photos from Their 2015 Holiday Might Make You Hate Your Life (7 PHOTOS)

9 27NOV2015These photos will make you smile if you are not a Kardashian hater. If you can’t stand them, then this will be more ammunition for you to continue to despise them and everything about them and hate your own life even more.  I have found that those who hate the Kardashians, usually hate them because they are not happy with their own lives.  As Funk Flex says, “Are you mad at them or mad at yourself!”

The big family photo that you see above came by way of Kylie’s Instagram account.  She sent it out with the caption:

Thankful for my blended family

She wasn’t lying. Black, White, rumored gay, rumored bisexual, and even Caitlyn. That’s about as blended as you can get.

Khloe played host this year and just like anything and every event this year, Rob Kardashian is M.I.A. I would have thought Thanksgiving dinner would be the one even that he would want to attend.  How can a chubby guy turn down that monkey bread!

If the family photo wasn’t enough, how about the food and the table setting photos sent out by Khloe. She admits that she has OCD and sometimes that really comes in handy.  Everything looked amazing.  It’s a classic picture perfect, upper middle class Thanksgiving meal.

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We all dream of having a Thanksgiving like this however we are faced with our reality of missed matched place settings, dry turkey, a plastic kids table & chair, running out of glasses and drinking out of jelly jars, plastic forks and plates, everyone arriving late and a big TV playing football in the background of it all. That’s a real American Thanksgiving although we like to pretend that this is. Just like Kylie’s lips….I wonder if those photos are even real!  And what the hell is in those white glass pumpkins!!!