Chrissy Teigen Posts A Picture of the Greatest Birthday Gift Ever! And it’s From Donald Trump!

Sunday while we were all sleeping off turkey, recovering from Black Friday beat downs and preparing to drag our sorry asses back to work, Chrissy Teigen was working her twitter fingers going after the Don. What Chrissy didn’t know is that “The Don” has a lot of supporters and she pissed them off!


The first blow came from Chrissy as Donald posted a tweet about meeting with African American Pastors. But in his very self-righteous Trump way, he stressed that it was not a press event. And Chrissy called him out.

Ouch.  Now that wasn’t very nice.


Yesterday was Chrissy’s birthday and when she woke up, her twitter feed was lit. Apparently she pissed off a lot of angry Trump supporters and they came for her. As she read through the onslaught of tweets she noticed a retweet from Donald himself. This was the Greatest Birthday Present she has ever received. Or at least that’s what she said. She took to her twitter account and posted a picture of Donald’s tweet with the caption

The Greatest Birthday Gift Ever

As you can see from the photo of Donald Trump’s retweets and tweets, Trump continues to go hard on Twitter. After retweeting about Chrissy, he hits Hilary and then goes after Chris Christie.  There is no chill in the Trump camp.


Because Chrissy is Chrissy she had to have the last word and that she did. In reference to the mention of her not being able to hold a candle to Trump’s Wife Melania, Chrissy tweeted,

The entire thing is crazy. Imagine if President Obama got into a twitter war with a model? We would never hear the end of it. However, say what you want but whatever Trump is doing, it’s working. We are still talking about him, he is still a serious contender and he doesn’t need anyone’s money. We all laughed when he announced he was running…..but who is laughing now.