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You Would be HAPPY too! Pharrell Williams Penthouse is Incredible. (28 Amazing Photos)


Pharrell purchased the penthouse back in 2007 for $12.525 million. He first tried to sell it in November 2012 and after two price drops decided to take it off the market. The penthouse itself is definitely an acquired taste but it’s a taste that I can definitely acquire.

The entire thing is built in a huge circle and it contains ocean views out of nearly every room. It’s located on the 40th floor of the Bristol Tower, and boasts 5000 square feet of outdoor space and of course a rooftop pool.


The home is exquisitely decorated with pop culture pieces from Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol. Colors are whites and creams which provide an exaggerated air of openness to what is an already open floor plan.  Once when interviewed regarding his home, Pharrell described it as living in a fishbowl,

Living your life 40 floors up, looking out every day on ocean and skies, you see the world from a different point of view.  It’s like living in a very interesting fishbowl, but since no one can see up here, it’s like a fishbowl with a limo tint.

I’m sure that would be a “Gold” fish.  Here are the photos we collected.  You may began to start drooling……..now!

lbe688145-m3o - 02DEC2015

lbe688145-m5o - 02DEC2015

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