Thanksgiving Full Of Lies: Khloe Kardashian Takes Credit For Baking Beautiful Pies, But We All Know The Truth!


For this article, and this article only, we are going to make a change

At first it might seem distracting and a little strange

Some of you folks will undoubtedly call it lame

But please allow us to show off our rhyming game.


It was Thanksgiving 2015, and Khloe Kardashian was hard at work inside the kitchen

Baking, whipping, cooking, singing…yeah her Thanksgiving game was bitchin’

She was proud to be making this delicious feast all by herself for the first time

Asking her friends and family, “Does this turkey taste okay? Or could it use some more thyme?”

A multi-millionaire making everything from scratch with little help is respectable

Did you see those pies she made? They looked delectable!


Homemade she claims, adding a touch of proof by putting the pies on her oven rack

Pies look so good, your Grandma will probably be getting a smack

I mean…just look at those things! Pies so delicious they make you believe in God

But wait just a minute, could Khloe Kardashian be a Thanksgiving fraud?

TMZ did a little investigation to entertain

And they discovered those pies were from L.A. bakery Sweet Lady Jane!


Those three perfect pies were not a Khloe Kardashian creation

What a beautiful and delicious falsification

But Khloe didn’t just stop at claiming they were homemade

She even had the audacity to use the same display!


I am sooooo proud of myself lol can I say that???” She wrote on her Instagram

Did she make anything at home? The mashed potatoes, turkey…the ham?

We don’t know, and we probably shouldn’t care

About the life of this fake millionaire

We know it’s not important and we know it’s silly

But still we can’t stop ourselves from thinking, “Really?!?”