Did Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Get Nasty Together In Paris? Get The Truth Inside!


Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio do have a sexual history together. Back in January of 2015, the 41-year-old actor was seen making out with Rihanna at a birthday party at the Playboy Mansion. And then, according to the sources, things got even hotter at the after-party.

But that was just one little thing that happened a year ago. They haven’t been together since. No relationship was formed or anything like that. However, it’s starting to look like January might be a special month for the two stars.

On Sunday, Leo and Rihanna were spotted hanging out together at L’Arc Nightclub in Paris. And apparently, some photographer is trying to sell photos, which allegedly show Leo and RiRi kissing inside the club. But we’re hearing something completely different from some trusted sources.

One insider told Us Weekly the following…

Leo was at the club for a private party and Rihanna came with Cara Delevingne separately. Rihanna went over to Leo to say ‘hi,’ congratulate him and give him a kiss on the cheek. They chatted for a few minutes.

A kiss…ON THE CHEEK! The photographer trying to land a nice paycheck from the photos claims they were making out. That doesn’t appear to be the case though. Sources say it was simply a bad angle. It was nothing but an innocent kiss on the cheek.

Honestly, Rihanna is too old for Leo. He has stricter age restrictions than American Idol. No women over 25-years-old allowed.