Floyd Mayweather Is “Falling” For This 19-Year-Old Girl From England, And It’s Easy To See Why (VIDEO)


A 19-year-old girl named Rmarni Eliss is taking full advantage of her special features. She was just a lonely shop assistant in England, but now she’s hanging out with celebrities and shining bright with over 40k followers on her Instagram account.

According to Rmarni’s friends, she saves up the money she makes at work to pay “hundreds of pounds” to get into VIP sections of parties to hang out with celebrities. She has posted photos of herself hanging with Rita Ora and Trey Songz.

But her most recent investment to meet Floyd Mayweather at a private fan event earlier this month proved to be her best investment yet. She paid around $850 to meet the 38-year-old multi-millionaire boxer.

And apparently, Floyd was so amazed by this 19-year-old, he decided to fly her and a few of her family members out to the states via a private jet.


They have reportedly been traveling around the world together. Her friends say she is having the time of her life:

It’s phenomenal. Rmarni has quite a following on social networks and people can’t stop talking about it. She first met him at an event in Cannock, then they met up again in Amsterdam. Since then she’s traveled all over the globe. They’re having fun.

And while we would love to say this relationship is based off a deep connection and intense conversations, we have a feeling it probably has more to do with this…..Go Ahead…it’s a video.  Click it…