Crazy Video Shows NFL Star Dante Fowler Watching As His Baby Mama And His Current Girlfriend Brawl Inside Apartment! (VIDEO)


It looks like NFL players are getting a little smarter. Instead of ruining their life and career by beating their girlfriends, they have decided to let the women beat themselves up. It’s an interesting strategy, and it looks like Dante Fowler is one of the first players to test it out.

The 21-year-old defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars had an insane night back on February 1st. TMZ managed to get their hands on the video you see below. In the video, Fowler is chillin’ inside an apartment complex with a woman who is believed to be his girlfriend.

When they reach the elevator area, they come face-to-face with Fowler’s baby mama. And at first it looks like Fowler might be trying to calm the ladies down, but then you can see him use his arms to kinda say, “Round #1” as if he’s a referee in the UFC.

His girlfriend and baby mama then start pounding on each other. I mean, they are really going hard. Rolling around on the floor, throwing some elbows…it’s pretty crazy. Eventually, Fowler decides to break up the fight, probably because he doesn’t want his baby mama to die.

Can you imagine? He might be forced to take care of his child then! Actually, that’s not fair. I have no idea how much time he spends with his kid. He might be the greatest father in the world, but I wouldn’t bet on it after watching this video.

By the way, TMZ claims the cops were not called. They are trying to get more information. We’ll post an update if we hear anything.