Twerk Warning: Rihanna Makes Drake The Luckiest Man In The World By Grinding All Over Him In New ‘Work’ Music Video!

Depending on how old you are, there is a chance your friends are starting to get married and have babies. And if this is happening, you have probably heard them say something like, “Waking up and sharing a bowl of cereal with my family is all I need. #luckiestmanalive

Well, that’s just not true. There is nothing special about eating a bowl of cereal with your family. If anything, it’s a little bit depressing. It shows both you and your wife were too exhausted to actually make a hot meal for your kid.

You couldn’t even make the poor kid some pancakes? A bowl of fruit?


The reason people post those cheesy and false messages is because they are trying to convince themselves that they made the right decision. But I think we all know they didn’t. You know who made the right decisions in life? Drake. He saw how much love and money rappers get, so he decided to slide out of his wheelchair and make it happen.

And now look at him.

He’s getting paid to have Rihanna grind her beautiful a** all over him. The director of this music video probably had one note for Drake, “Try not to make your boner obvious.” But obviously he couldn’t do that, so the director was like, “Ah, forget it. We’ll hide it with poor lighting!

Check out the hot music video below. And if you’re only looking for the naughty parts with Drake, skip to around the 2:15 mark, but just know you’ll be missing a lot of random booty shaking before that.