Can You Spot The Difference? Khloe Kardashian Deletes Selfie After Fans Point Out Photoshop Fail (PHOTOS)


It looks like the Kardashians will never learn. They have created this Kardashian Kingdom by being fake, insincere, and superficial. It’s hard to treat them like normal people because they present themselves as characters in the world’s longest-running sitcom.

And on this week’s episode, Khloe Kardashian made a huge mistake. She posted a pretty impressive ab selfie on Instagram earlier this week, and captioned the photo, “[I’m] just trying to be better than I used to be. I compete with myself. Thanks @gunnarfitness for kicking my ass today.”


Damn, right? But wait…WHAT’S THAT? Do you see it? Look closely at the door behind Khloe. Do you see it now?

What if we zoom in for you?