Katt Williams Has Been Arrested For Punching An Employee At A Pool Supply Store


It can be difficult to determine if someone simply has some anger issues, or if they are freaking insane. 42-year-old comedian Katt Williams has been straddling that line for years.

In 2012, police in Seattle and Oakland claim he started bar fights in both cities, in 2013 he was arrested five times in just two months, and he’s still on the hook for the 2014 robbery of a celebrity photographer’s camera. He’s clearly been a mess for a long time now; however, most of those cases involved alcohol and the paparazzi. That certainly doesn’t excuse his actions, but it does make you understand them.

But this latest incident in Georgia? We can’t help you with this one, Katt. You need some help. Officers in Gainsville showed up at local pool supply store to find Mr. Williams “lying on the ground with his hands behind his back as though he was ready to go to jail.”

An employee inside the store claims Williams threw a pair of goggles at him, and then went behind the counter and punched him in the face. We are not sure what caused this violent outburst, but we can’t imagine it being justified. It was a freaking pool supply store. The most boring place on the planet.

Williams is now facing another misdemeanor battery charge. He was released on $5,000 bail. Stay tuned for the next episode when Katt murders an employee at Home Depot for giving him a defective light bulb.